Dutch Passion Seeds CBD Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Hero Seeds Diesel Girl - Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Quick Overview 3 x Feminized Cannabis Seeds Also available in packs of 5 & 10 Genetics: Mexican, Sativa, Afghani + Northern Lights + Ortega + Afghani SA + Hash Plant Hybrid: 30% Sativa + 70% Indi

Xeddar All In Medicinal Seeds

Marijuana Seeds Overview 1 x Feminized Seed ( See below for available pack sizes ) Seed Breeder

Hazeman Seeds Blowfish Cannabis Seeds | Pot Seeds

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Mr Nice Seeds Neville's Skunk

Marijuana Seeds Overview 18 x Regular Cannabis Seeds Sex: Regular Seed Manufacturer: Mr Nice Seed Bank Genectics: Neville Haze x Afghan Skunk Type: Indica/ Sativa Variety: Ruderalis (auto-flowering) T

G13 Labs Pineapple Express Feminized

Type : Indica / Sativa Flowering : Photoperiod Genetics : Many Rumors’, No one actually knows for sure THC Level : Medium Characteristics : strong fruity fragrance

Cali Connection Larry Og Kush Seeds

This is another project of mine to bring the Famed Larry cut to the worlds stage. I once again used my trusty SFV OGK F3 male to pollinate the Larry clone, yeilds will be fantastic with solid lemon fu