24th Cannabis Cup 2011 Winners & Raids?

December 15, 2011 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Cannabis Cup Winners

2011 Cannabis Cup.

The High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam is always the hot spot for cannabis enthusiests from around the world and even with some new problems from dutch politics this year was no exception. High Times reports that hours before the kick-off 100+ Amsterdam police officers started a massive police raid on Borchland, where the Cannabis Cup Expo took place, with a warning for the Cannabis Cup participants. “Any judge toking up in the Melkweg would be warned, then arrested if caught again.” This is the first time the freedom of the Cannbis Cup has been threatened in such a manner but fortunately the audience was able to step outside and smoke so the did. In record numbers the participants indulged in the festivities.

High TImes reports,

“According to reports, the raid was conducted because of rumors that a “drug park” was being operated at Borchland (an athletic complex outside the city of Amsterdam) and that underage people were in attendance. Much to the chagrin of police, no hard drugs were found, no underage people were in attendance and only one arrest was made. The Expo reopened the next day on schedule and without a hitch.”

There was one arrest, the hash queen of Amsterdam, Mila from Pollinator fame. She had more hash in her possession than was legally permitted. She was released that day and return to the expo. Later she presented the Cannabis Cup for Neder Hash (Best Dutch hash) and received a long ovation Cup audience. ” Not phased, the High Times crew pressed on with the event. “At the end of the night, Barney’s won the prize for top strain, chosen by Cannabis Cup judges in the largest voter turnout ever.”

The final report stated that there was “never any discussion of shutting down the event and plans for next year’s historic 25th anniversary Cannabis Cup are already underway.” Sounds like many great things are in store for next year even with the looming police presence.
22_112911cancupHere are the winners from the 24th Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam:

Coffeeshop (Cannabis Cup):
1) Barney’s Coffeeshop – Liberty Haze
2) Green House United – Hawaiian Snow
3) Green Place – Buddha Tahoe
Seed Company Indicas (Indica Cup)

1) (tie) Reserva Privada and Reserva Privada Colorado – Kosher Kush
2) Hortilab – Star Bud
3) Cali Connection – Tahoe OG

Seed Company Sativas (Sativa Cup)
1. Rare Dankness Seed Co – Moonshine Haze
2) THSeeds – Electric Lemon G
3) Karma Genetics – Dominator
Seed Company Hybrids (Hybrid Cup)

1) (tie) DNA Genetics/Reserva Privada Colorado – Holy Grail Kush
2) Cali Connection – Dead Head OG
3) Serious Seeds – AK-47

Seed Company Hash Cup
1) Cali Connection – Tahoe OG Kush Wax
2) Hogg Seeds – Hydrahash

3) Reserva Privada Colorado – Rascal OG Nelson

Import Hash Cup
1) Green House Coffeeshop – Exodus Cream Cheese
2) Barney’s Coffeeshop – Caramella Cream
3) Green Place – Twizla
Nederhash Cup
1) Barney’s Coffeeshop – Liberty Melt
2) Green House – Hawaiian Ice
3) Grey Area – Grey Crystal
Best Product
1) Green House Seeds – V Syndicate Grinder Card
2) Vaporfection – Vaporfection
3) Big Buddha Seeds – Big Buddha’s Goodie Bag
Best Booth
1) Barney’s Farm
2) Green House Seed Company
3) Big Buddha Seeds
Best Glass
1) Roor – Ray Machine 1
2) Herborizer – Icetube Vaporizer
3) Hitman Glass – The Darby Torch Tube
Freedom Fighter of the Year:

Every year HIGH TIMES magazine presents the Freedom Fighter of the Year Award to one extraordinary person who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and effectiveness in the cannabis legalization movement.

This year we are honored and humbled to present the 2011 Freedom Fighter of the Year Award to Debby Goldsberry of California.

The Dutch Master Award:

At the 24th Cannabis Cup, HIGH TIMES introduced a new award – The Dutch Master Award – for recognition of one outstanding individual in the Dutch cannabis community.

As the leader of the Dutch Passion Seed Company, for 25 years Henk van Dalen has been gathering and selecting the best cannabis genetics from around the world. We couldn’t ask for a more worthy recipient of the first-ever HIGH TIMES Dutch Master Award. Congratulations to Henk van Dalen!


1st Cup 1988 – Skunk #1 from Cultivator’s Choice

2nd Cup 1989 – Early Pearl/Skunk #1 x Northern Lights #5/Haze by the Seed Bank

3rd Cup 1990 – Northern Lights #5 from the Seed Bank

4th Cup 1991 – Skunk from Free City

5th Cup 1992 – Haze x Skunk #1 from Homegrown Fantasy

6th Cup 1993 – Haze x Northern Lights #5 from Sensi Seed Bank

7th Cup 1994 – Jack Herer from Sensi Seed Bank

8th Cup 1995 – White Widow from the Green House

9th Cup 1996 – White Russian from De Dampkring

10th Cup 1997 – Peace Maker from De Dampkring

11th Cup 1998 – Super Silver Haze from the Green House

12th Cup 1999 – Super Silver Haze from the Green House

13th Cup 2000 – Blueberry from the Noon

14th Cup 2001 – Sweet Tooth from Barney’s

15th Cup 2002 – Morning Glory from Barney’s

16th Cup 2003 – Hawaiian Snow from Green House

17th Cup 2004 – Amnesia Haze from Barney’s

18th Cup 2005 – Willie Nelson from Barney’s

19th Cup 2006 – Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1 from Green House

20th Cup 2007 – G-13 Haze from Barney’s

21st Cup 2008 – Super Lemon Haze from Green House