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Girl Scout Cookies Clone Only Strain

Girl Scout Cookies is making a name for itself all across the country. This strain has been feature by Danny Danko, High Times Cultivation Editor, in October 2012 edition of “Danko’s Strai

Afgooey - Clone Only Strain

Aka: Afghooey, Afgoo, Af-Gooey, Afghan Goo These exceptionally sticky nuggets are a pale olive-green hue accentuated by a crust of golden trichomes and brilliant warm-tangelo pistils. They offer a bou

Trainwreck Clone Only Strain

Trainwreck is a sativa dominant hybrid that’s been grown in Northern California for decades and is the staple strain of Humboldt County. There are many different cuts but none more popular than

Blue Dream - Clone Only Strain

Blue Dream Haze is a cult classic in California Medical Cannabis Scene, often commanding upwards of $4,000 a lb! This is a true cash cropper in every sense of the word, but what’s special about