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Delicious Seeds La Frutta Di Venus Feminized

Delicious Seeds La Fruitta Di Venus Feminized This plant of Ruderalis automatic genetics was dressed with a spectacular genetic of Great White Shark, our wineries’ prcious reserve. This variety

Delicious Seeds Sugar Black Rose Feminized

Delicious Seeds Sugar Black Rose  is another indica cannabis strain from the Delicious Seeds. Feminized seeds of this variety become more and more popular for their fast and easy growing characterist

Delicious Seeds Marmalate Feminized

Delicious Seeds Marmalate Feminized From our genetic pantry comes an explosive mixture of flavour, two of the plants that have made history in the world of cannabis for their performance, flavour and

Delicious Seeds Critical Yumbolt Feminized

Delicious Seeds Critical Yumbolt  represents another cannabis strain from the Delicious Seeds indica line. A stable hybrid between an original strain of Yumbolt and a Delicious Seed’s Critical+

Delicious Seeds Critical Neville Haze Feminized

Delicious Seeds Critical Neville Haze is one of the strongest Haze cannabis varieties from the Delicious Seeds. She combines the original Haze – an almost psychedelic tropical Sativa – wi

Delicious Seeds Critical Sensi Star Feminized

Delicious Seeds Critical Sensi Star is an indica cannabis strain from the Delicious Seed bank. Being quite new in the market, her feminized seeds became popular almost instantly for their fast and ea

Delicious Seeds La Musa Feminized

Delicious Seeds La Musa Feminized A Crossed selection between a real Skunk touched by automatic gene, with another automatic line from Alaska. The result is automatic higher  plant of a great product

Delicious Seeds Critical Jack Herer Feminized

Delicious Seeds Critical Jack Herer  is another super sativa with a Haze taste and flavour like the genial Jack Herer but with an elevated production thanks to Critical + genetics that shortens the

Delicious Seeds La Bella Afrodita Feminized

Delicious La Bella Afrodita Feminized The combination of Diavolo with AK47 Auto, reveals a new generation of automatic plants, larger and with higher productiveness than their predecessors. Plant may

Delicious Seeds Northern Light Blue Feminized

Delicious Seeds Northern Light Blue  was specially developed by  Delicious Seed for indica lovers. This cannabis strain has a nice fragrance of wild berries and give a pleasant sensation of wellness

Delicious Seeds Caramelo Feminized

Delicious Seeds Caramelo Feminized From this crossbreed processing from one of the most spectacular of all indica phenotypes and lavander sativa emerges this beautiful purple lady with dense clusters

Delicious Seeds Fruity Chronic Juice Feminized

Delicious Seeds Fruity Chronic Juice  is another indica cannabis strain from the Delicious Seed bank. Feminized seeds of this variety are a result of breeding experiments with an original strain of W

Delicious Seeds Black Russian Feminized

Delicious Seeds Black Russian is a stable indica/sativa hybrid between White Russian and Black Domina cannabis strains from the Delicious Seed. Feminized seeds of this variety became popular in the i

Delicious Seeds Critical Kali Mist Feminized

Delicious Seeds Critical Kali Mist is a strong sativa cannabis hybrid obtained from the inversion of female plants like Shantibabas Critical+ and Kali Mist. She maintains a pure Kali taste but conside

Delicious Seeds Critical Super Silver Haze

Delicious Seeds Critical Super Silver Haze is another sativa marijuana variety developed by the Delicious Seed for sativa fans. Feminized seeds of this cannabis maintain quick flowering ability of th

Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy Feminized

Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy Feminized Here it comes one of our most perfect and savory hybrids. So tasty and sensory, this variety amalgamates the sugary sweetness of candy and the softness of cotton

Delicious Seeds Cheese Candy Feminized

Delicious Seeds have crossed two of the best commercial genetics: Cheese, a unique female derived from SKUNK x KUSH which first appeared 1988-89 and which was cultivated somewhere in the Chiltern Hill