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Dutch Passion Master kush

Dutch Passion Seeds bravely extracted this sturdy marijuana plant back from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan, it is a compact and forgiving variety that grows well in any medium such as soil, hyd

Dutch Passion White Widow seeds

Dutch Passion White Widow Seeds is the most rewarded cannabis seeds variety of recent years in Holland. The marijuana plants are white of THC-glands, even on big parts of the fan leaves. A very soft s

Dutch Passion Skunk Passion

Skunk Passion is back. Developed from Dutch Passion 007 Skunk-line. A surprising improvement. In smoke tests by the Dutch Passion test team, again and again praised for its special qualities. This var

Dutch Passion La Lybella

La Lybella is a 90 % Sativa variety. Its characteristics are a great addition to the Dutch Passion seed collection. La Lybella is an open marijuana plant with many well developed buds. The spicy scent

Dutch Passion Ultra Skunk seeds

In Dutch Passion Seeds’ Swiss experiment, they flowered several Dutch and Swiss Skunk seeds clones and several Skunk seed varieties. The goal was to select the best possible Skunk. By hybridizin

Dutch Passion Skunk #11 seeds

Dutch Passion Skunk #11 seeds are a very nice Skunk selection. Good results in yield and “High”. Dutch Passion’s cheapest, but nevertheless “quality” feminized seeds. TH

Dutch Passion Twilight seeds

A beautiful purple cannabis seeds variety with high yields and Afghan taste. Heavy buds and high. 100% Indica. Flowering period: 7 – 8 weeks Harvest time outdoor: end of September, 1st week o

Dutch Passion Shaman seeds

This is Dutch Passion Seeds’ former variety Purple Skunk. This variety is a hybrid (F1) of Purple#1 seeds and an early Skunk seeds. About 50% of the marijuana plants turn purple during flowering

Dutch Passion Tundra seeds

Dutch Passion Tundra is a marijuana seeds hybrid between an autoflowering Ruderalis/Indica and Dutch Passion’s outdoor champion Passion #1. Dutch Passion chose Passion #1 for it’s outstanding

Dutch Passion Sacra Frasca seeds

Dutch Passion Seeds “Sacra Frasca” or “Holy Joint” is an F1 – hybrid between Power Plant seeds and Skunk Passion seeds, both true-breeding varieties. Dutch Passion Power

Dutch Passion Trance seeds

An upgrade of Dutch Passion seeds former variety Skunk/Indica. With 100% Skunk seeds, it’s not possible to grow fully mature outdoor marijuana plants, because the seeds were selected for growing

Dutch Passion Purple #1 seeds

A strong plant (50% Indica, 50% Sativa), easy to grow. Purple Afghan seeds have been crossed in Holland with Indica and Sativa varieties since 1983. The plants are fully adapted to the Dutch climate

Dutch Passion The Ultimate seeds

Through careful breeding Dutch Passion has created one of their most important strains. Dutch Passion calls it “The Ultimate” as it combines some of the heaviest yields they have ever seen with ge

Dutch Passion Power Plant seeds

Dutch Passion Power Plant (mostly Sativa) was developed by Dutch Passion in 1997 from new South African genetics. This marijuana seeds strain has been inbred only, never hybridized. Very rich in THC.

Dutch Passion Taiga seeds

Dutch Passion Taiga is a hybrid between an auto-flowering Ruderalis/Indica and Power Plant. From their famous Power Plant gene pool Dutch Passion selected an extreme early flowering female Power Plant

Dutch Passion PolarLight #2

The new and highly improved version of Dutch Passion PolarLight is the result of a hybrid between an autoflowering Ruderalis/Indica and Dutch Haze seeds. The specific Haze characteristics are obviousl

Dutch Passion Super Haze seeds

Dutch Passion Super Haze won 1st prize Cannabis Cup 1992 This cannabis seeds variety made Dutch Passion the “High Times Cannabis Cup” winner in 1992. Formerly this seeds strain was called “Haze/

Dutch Passion Passion #1 seeds

Dutch Passion’s Passion #1 is an Indica cannabis seeds variety developed in California in the seventies and has been grown outdoors in Holland since 1980. Smokes soft with a citruslike aroma and

Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough seeds

A very productive marijuana plant of high value as a medicinal herb. Bred for its euphoric, anti-anxiety high, this mostly sativa (approx. 75% Sativa 25% Indica) produces a comfortable and enjoyable,

Dutch Passion Pamir Gold

Dutch Passion Pamir Gold originated in the western Himalayas of Tadzjikistan. The marijuana plant was adapted to the high altitudes of the Swiss Alps during several years of selective breeding. Once s

Dutch Passion SnowBud seeds

SnowBud is Dutch Passion’s second “High Altitude” variety. SnowBud is a hybrid of Afghani and South African genetics. As with Pamir Gold the selection work is done in the Swiss Alpes. SnowBu