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RooR Seeds - I2 Feminised

The I2 is a blend of Afghan and the Bubba Kush. This plant loves the veg cycle as it is a hardy grower, however it does not stretch so you can grow it as a big bush, wide rather than high. The I2 has

RooR Seeds - S2 Feminised

The S2 is a fast growing plant doubling in size once it goes into flowering, as a result we recommend a very quick veg cycle especially if you have low ceilings. This one can be a mammoth. Use either

RooR Seeds - ASH Afghan Skunk Haze I1 Feminized

The i1 is a 75% Indica dominant plant and is one of the best Afghan hybrids on offer. This plant is perfect for all levels of growing and is especially good for the beginner. It’s is a short stocky