Columbian Gold World of Seeds

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Seed Finder Network presents : World of Seeds Pure Origin Collection – Columbian Gold World of Seeds Columbian Gold is an interesting crossback 25/75 indica/sativa landrace from colombia., giving as a result a mixture of pure lines come from santamarta zone. The history dates tell us that this variety was used by Simon Bolivar in his trips around amazonas, in which he interchanges spices and medicinal plants with natives during his conquests. High, vigorous and branched, its smell is sweet and intense, stands out for its flavour and powerful psychedelic effects. Good Columbian Gold seeds are not that easy to find. According to a linguistics book, “The gold in the name of the cannabis originally described the golden hue of the leaves on the plant, but later came to refer both to the high quality of the marijuana and to the especially high price it commanded.” In the sixties, Columbian Gold marijuana fuelled the North America, $40.00 an ounce, not easy to get your hands on. While using, you will enjoy the smooth smoke steam. The effect of Columbian Gold marijuana is strong psychedelic and last for about 3 hours. We also made it easy for you to grow this marijuana strain indoors. The cannabis seeds are resistance to mould and produce the plants with great big long rounded buds. Flowering time is 9-10 weeks. Usually, THC is 19.3%. But if you are an experienced cannabis grower, you may want to increase the THC percent. Many techniques such as this are used by traditional growers to shock or stress the plant during flowering by cutting through the xylem and phloem layers of the stalk. This supposedly would cut off the flow of nutrients to the plant, leaving the stalks and buds a blanched golden colour at harvest time. In the belief that the plants will respond to stress by producing more of the active (THC-containing) resins responsible for the plants’ medicinal potency. Seed Finder Network presente – World of Seeds Pure Origin Collection – Columbian Gold World of Seeds Columbian Gold – Interesante cruce 50/50 indica/sativa, es una mezcla de líneas puras procedentes de la sierra de Santamarta, se dice que fue utilizada por Simón Bolívar en sus viajes por el amazonas, en los cuales intercambiaba especias y plantas medicinales con los indígenas durante sus conquistas. Alta, vigorosa y ramificada, de aroma dulce e intenso, destaca sobretodo por su sabor y sus efectos potentes y psicodélicos. The Original Sensible Seed Co présente – World of Seeds Pure Origin Collection – Columbian Gold World of Seeds Columbia Gold – Croisement 25/75 intéressant indique/sativa, est un mélange de lignes pures de la montagne de Santamarta. Incorporation, vigoureuse et ramificada, d’arôme doux et intense, souligne pardessus par sa saveur et ses effets puissants et psychadéliques

  • January 18, 2016 5:22 pm
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