Critical Dream Zambeza Seeds

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Zambeza Seeds Critical Dream – Autoflowering Critical Dream – Autoflowering by Zambeza Seeds, The fast growing, high yielding and strong Critical Dream has been one of the bestsellers at Zambeza Seeds. A first choice among the commercial growers looking for a cash crop, and a decent one too – it has been recognised by winning a few awards in Spain. While working on the Critical Dream, we wanted to achieve exactly the same sort of variety, with one big difference – we managed to made it an autoflowering strain, making it much easier to grow. With our Critical Dream you do not need to spend time and space on the male plants – all our seeds are feminised, thus giving you a guarantee that 100% of the seeds will germinate and develop into a fully grown females. From planting the seed, you will need to wait just 8 to 9 weeks for harvest. Zambeza Seeds autoflowering Critical Dream is a result of crossing the usual Indica and Sativa strains with Ruderalis ones. Apart from the ruderalis, this particular strain has the genetics of Critical and Big Bud. It produces a sturdy cannabis plant which shows its Indica heritage in heavy, juicy buds, and the relaxing effect typical to the Critical Pride. Autoflowering Critical Dream grows approximately 70-80cm tall. The relatively small size – a usual thing among most of the autoflowering varieties – it will grow in a way that allows light to reach all parts of the bush. Being fully exposed to the sun allows the plant to produce rather good yields of around 50-60 g. The smoke of our autoflowering Critical Dream contains average levels of THC and CBD. The firm buds will produce a sweet flavour, typical to skunk strains. While enjoying the full taste and aroma, in no time you will drift towards more and more relaxed state of mind…