DNA Grow Your Own Florida Lemon Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Florida Lemon is one of the first marijuana strains to be launched in DNA Genetics’ new GYO collection. Florida Lemon is derived from a cross of the Florida OG clone put DNA’s multi award-winning Lemon Skunk to produce an indica dominant variety of cannabis with a frankly ludicrous terpene profile. DNA’s test grows of this strain – conducted in their legal climate – showed they had created a big yielding OG cross with rapid resin production. The sharp lemon aromas from the Lemon Skunk side of the genetics are outrageously strong and completely dominate the senses, while flavours on the palate are of the familiar OG Kush that you’re going to love. Florida Lemon is a very potent and flavoursome strain of cannabis – legal medical patients who use Florida Lemon have reported stimulation of appetite, pain suppression and relaxation which aids quality sleep. DNA Genetics may well have done it again with this one – Keep eyes for this strain at future industry competition events – it may just surprise a few folks!