Dutch Passion Shaman - Regular Cannabis Seeds

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Original Sensible Seeds Present – Dutch Passion Shaman Shaman regular cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion are one of the easiest to grow marijuana seeds. Shaman seeds are a very exciting cross between Purple #1 and Early Skunk which makes her 87.5% sativa and 12.5% indica. About 50% of the plant you will get from our Shaman marijuana seeds turns a fascinating purple colour during its flowering period. The purple ones grow out big and Christmas tree shaped, the green ones stay more compact and can be made very branchy if topped. According to marijuana growers, no real problems are observed during the veg period, except for the usual spider mite attack in the dry period of July, and the usual caterpillar attack starting in early August. It shouldn’t be a problem if you grow the cannabis seeds of this marijuana outdoors. The plant gets mature earlier when grown outdoors. The plant grown from the Shaman seeds produce and finish buds very fast. A purple Shaman can be harvested already at the beginning of September. It seems to put all its energy in producing long, spear-like bud sticks with a bit of popcorn buds left on the lower part of the plant. The green one seems more resinous than the purple one and makes ball-like compact buds all over the plant with a couple of big balls at the end of the branches. The yield is reported to be great regardless your experience. Some marijuana fans claim to have an excellent yield growing the Shaman seeds in closets (oops). The smoke is reported to be brain charging. One half of a thin joint and you are able to concentrate in a deeper way on drawing, talking to people or watching movies. A whole joint and you find out you have mild visions with eyes closed, you can have loops in your thinking and you are able to understand more things out of the Bhagavad-Gita. If you prefer to use a vaporizer, you’re likely to have very vivid hallucinations. The purple Shaman is more uplifting then the green one. Shaman is also avilable feminized – please refer to the Dutch Passion Seeds list

  • January 18, 2016 5:15 pm
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