Elite Seeds Blue Elite Sativa Feminized

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Seed Finder Network present – Elite Seeds Blue Elite Sativa Blue Elite Sativa feminized cannabis seeds from Elite Seeds are a mixture of incense and earth and at the end of the mouthfull, traces of woodland. Remember walks through the lands of Sanabaria, nature in your mouth, your mind quick, which floats and it rejoices as it soaks up the uphoric essect. Its’ buds are horned, which immerge full of resin, and are especially flame like outdoors where they can reach the lenghths of authentic Jedi Knight light sabres.. Large plants, strong and resistant which demonstrates all of its’ potential in hard ground where it can reach tall hieghts, althogh it accepts pruning and methods of tying to make them lower. Its’ parent Bluemoon is a High Life Cup and Cannabis Champions cup winner.

  • January 18, 2016 5:15 pm
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