Galactic Jack TGA Subcool Genetics

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Galactic Jack from TGA Subcool Genetics is a truly special sativa hybid and TGA are proud to pass on the great genetic in honour of a great activist for the cannabis community. This particular phenotype is a true treasure of the Pacific Northwest. Galactic Jack itself is a very sativa dominant strain with vigour and a large stretch when turned over to its 12/12 light cycle. There are four main phenotypes, one of which tends to be a bit haze dominant, while the other three resemble more of the mother Jack Herer. The citrus, grapefruit, sweet lemonade musk will keep bringing your nose back to the jar for seconds. Typically it is a bit of a heavier smoke, with a lemon after taste on the exhale. Galactic Jack has a light, energetic high, great for the working individual that wants to be high and still accomplish all their daily tasks. This strain has tested at 25% + THC.

  • January 18, 2016 5:16 pm
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