Grassomatic Maxi Gom Automatic

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Quick Overview

1 x Feminzed Cannabis Seed
Also available in packs of 3, 5 & 10
Sex : Auto Feminized Seed
Type : Autoflowering
Flowering : From week 4
Genetics : Auto (Critical) MASS x auto AK
Flowering Time : Medium
Harvest : 75 days
Height : 80-150 cm
Production: 50-120 gr
Grow: Indoor/Outdoor/Green House
Chracteristics : Even in less than expert hands, it can easily reach and surpass a height of one meter


The Original Sensible Seed Co present – Grass-O-Matic Maxi-Gom Automatic

Grass-O-Matic Maxi-Gom Autoflowering is a new level: the result of combining two real champion plants in a super automatic variety directed towards the most demanding growers. By crossing Auto AK and Auto Mass we have accomplished the first generation of the most productive and aromatic auto-flowering variety on the market.

Undoubtedly, Maxi Gom will have a place of honor in the history of auto-flowering strains.

It is a very fast growing plant that stretches a lot during flowering and develops a large central bud with many side branches laden with resin glands. With a good fertilization, Maxi Gom buds will not stop growing until they are so heavy that they need support or limbs will break.

The plants are big yielders, can harvest 120 grams of buds per plant, something unimaginable for an automatic strain, until now.

The scent is delicious, a strong and fruity essence with a touch of anise and exotic notes reminiscent of mango and pineapple.

It has a powerful psychoactive effect, euphoric and relaxing at the same time, very funny and suitable for any time of day.