Green House Seed Co Green House Thai

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Seed Finder Network present – Green House Seeds Green House Thai The Green House Seed Co Green House Thai has been in Arjan’s collection for a very long time, and only recently Green House Seeds decided to introduce it into their 2010 seed catalogue. It is a true connoisseur sativa, with a very tall attitude and a very long flowering time, over 14 weeks. The genetics of Greenhouse Green Thai cannabis seeds are very special, because it is one of the few original Thai’s ever selected that does not produce hermaphrodites. The high is mild but trippy, introspective at moments and always smooth. Sativa lovers always praise the Thai as one of the finest landraces to smoke all day long while staying productive and alert. The best results indoors for Green Thai are achieved allowing the plant to develop fully in size (vertically or horizontally), while outdoors the ideal environment is equatorial, tropical or mild Mediterranean. We suggest to start the seeds directly at 12/12 indoors

  • January 18, 2016 5:16 pm
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