IOlite Vaporizer

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Iolite Vaporizer: Introducing a revolutionary cordless vaporizer from the designers at Iolite in Ireland (previously known as I-Inhale). For direct inhalation of vapour, Iolite Vaporizer (I-Inhale) is a pocket size vaporiser. Using patented technology it creates the heat you need to vaporise anytime, anywhere within 45 seconds.

More than just a sleek lightweight design this cordless wonder is a rugged heavy-duty vaporiser that appeals to everyone, from the light to intense user. Making vaporising a whole lot healthier and easier.

Combining a smart design and innovative technology Iolite have defined the next generation in vaporising herbs.

Iolite is healthier, it’s cordless and it delivers.

  • January 18, 2016 5:11 pm