Kannabia Seeds White Domina Max Auto - Autoflowering

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Seed Finder Network present – Kannabia Seeds White Domina Max Auto – Autoflowering Kannabia Seeds White Domina Max Auto Autoflowering – This is by far our most psychoactive autoflowering variety. Our rudelaris selection was quite specific: plants with thick stems to bear the weight of the flowers and a good height to increase the size. This variety tends to form a large, thick central bud. We recommend pruning the lower branches to focus all the plant’s efforts on tightening up this large central bud. Outdoors the plants may reach a height of 100 cm, with an average yield per plant of around 110 grams of firm, compact bud. Indoors, the plant may grow to 50 cm + with a yield of 30 grams per plant, depending on the size of plant pot used. We recommend bringing the lamps close in to increase the trichome production and compacting of the flowers in the central bud. All the potential of the genetics at work here is realised when the plant is grown outdoors, where the formation of root networks is optimal and the growth rate is fastest. The flowers are also quick to form (from the first signs of flowering) and the ideal compacting/ripening point is reached within barely two months of sowing. The flavour is typical of Afghans, thanks to its Black Domina origin, with shades of fermented citrus fruits. Optimal yield outdoors: March to October. From seed, the indoor cycle with a photoperiod of 12/12 or 14/10 is 8-9 weeks for optimal ripening. Outdoor flowering cycle: 3 months. Planting in early spring recommended.