Mandala Seeds Far Out Feminized

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Seed Finder Network present – Mandala Seeds Far Out Far Out are one of 4 new feminized cannabis seed strains new for 2012 from Mandala Seeds – are a quality Columbian Haze-Blueberry hybrid that has all the classic trademarks of an refined sativa. Mandala Seeds recommend this strain to sativa lovers with some cultivation experience. As a long flowering variety with a more delicate structure, it requires gardening know-how to avoid common mistakes that unnecessarily stress the plants. In particular, take care not to over-water or use oversized containers for soil. It is better to repot after the plants have rooted in smaller containers (such as 3-4L or 1 gallon) than to grow them out directly in a large pot. “Hot” soils should be avoided, especially nitrogen rich mixes and feeds.

  • January 18, 2016 5:18 pm
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