Mandala Seeds Safari Mix - Regular Cannabis Seed

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Seed Finder Network present – Mandala Seeds Safari Mix – Regular Cannabis Seed Mandala Seeds Safari Mix The Safari Mix contains a mix of cannabis seeds from various experimental crosses in our breeder lab. The strains are equally well suited for outdoor (balcony, greenhouse, up to 43° latitude in the ground; further north the harvest time can shift to middle/end of October). The germination rate of our mix is just as strictly controlled as with all Mandala cannabis seeds. The Safari Mix is ideal: * for a colorful variety of quality cannabis seed * to select unique mother plants * as a safe investment for beginners or budget minded growers * for growers that would like to buy many seeds at low cost * for indoor setup’s in soil or hydroponics * for potted plants on the balcony/terrace * as an inexpensive alternative for guerilla cultivation – less than €1 per seed!!

  • January 18, 2016 5:18 pm
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