Money Maker Strain Hunters

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Money Maker Sweet berries and a spicy roasted nutty flavor combine to give this double kush/skunk cross it´s distinguished taste and aroma. 3 x old school genetics create this retro High Times Cannabis cup winner – Master Kush, Hindu Kush and Skunk, revived for you in a female variety. Growing Money Maker is easy – These cannabis seeds will thrive in all mediums indoor or outdoor and respond well to high levels of nutrient and need little in the way of manicuring so first timers should glide through without a problem. The experienced grower will be impressed with the quality, production and quick turnover. These cannabis seeds are a great investment – With high yeilds both indoor and out producing up to a 1 kilo of dried bud per plant outdoor your sure to get a full return. The flowering period is short which is what you would expect from an indica dominant plant, however the leaves will be more elongated much in the style of sativa yet producing heavy fat dense crystal coated buds which may need support. The end dark green to almost blackish product hits you fast, with a smooth berry kush taste and aroma. The effect can lock you into the couch.