Norden Seeds Viking Auto AK47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Auto Viking AK47 is Norden’s version of the Auto AK47, a cross between a Ruderalis and a specially selected AK47. During the creation of their Auto Viking AK47, Norden concentrated on developing some important factors and have now achieved the following: a potent, 100% autoflowering plant of large proportions that gives a great yield with heavy, luscious crystals. Auto Viking AK47 has the pure and natural smell of cannabis, reassuringly pungent. High is 60/40, on the head and body. If you cut the plants early you can get a more uplifting high. Norden warn that their AK47 is really strong weed, stronger than many regular strains that are not autoflowering. This strain is a great choice for the one who wants a big yield and strong weed of really high quality. It lends itself perfectly well for indoor growing but even if you grow this strain outdoor you will get almost the same buds and quality of the plants. Norden’s growing advice indoor: Recommended lamp: 85W-1000W low energy, LED, MH or HPS. Pot size: 3-7L Recommended air humidity under vegetation faze: 50-70% Recommended air humidity under flowering faze: 40-50%. The plant can stand air humidity up to 70% under the flowering period, something that our tests have confirmed, though our recommendation is an air humidity of 40-50% under the given period.Growing advice outdoor: Start the seeds indoor in small pots or outdoor in a small propagator, to protect the small plants from hard weather, for 7-14 days Choose a sunny place on an open area, so that the plants can get a lot of sun Prepare a hole for 7-15l that you fill up with nice soil Bring your plants outside when the nights are not colder than 10-15 degreesP.S. Remember an important thing! The strength of the light outdoor is much stronger than indoor, so make sure that you let your plants adjust to the sun. You can do that by taking out the plants for a few hours on the balcony or by putting them in the window. Take care not to put the plants in the sun directly, an advice is to put them in shadow the first days outdoor. Height: 65-90cm Yield: 35-70 gr. Harvest indoors: 80 days Harvest outdoors: 110 days Strength: Very Strong

  • April 21, 2016 8:17 pm
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