Positronics Seeds Purple Haze #1

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Seed Finder Network present – Positronics Seeds Purple Haze # 1 Positronics Seeds Purple Haze #1 was produced from Mexican, South Indian and Thai variety. Until the 70’s, this plant has an incredible resin development and produced a clear and energetic high. This typically outdoor Sativa is a very, very dark purple, almost black, with medium green leaves, brownish-red hairs, and lightly coated with crystals. When breaking it up, the buds look like pieces of hash, they are THAT dark! The stems taste like peppermint and buds smell like chlorophyll, very planty (like fresh cut grass). When smoked the bud tastes like a high grade outdoor Thai. Purple Haze #1 is good for passing around a campfire! The high creeps on you, is spacey and a bit uplifting. Much bettter out of a bong than a joint or a pipe. Great hybrid vigour, put in blooming as soon as possible

  • January 18, 2016 5:19 pm
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