Satori Seeds Mandala Seeds

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Satori Mandala Seeds It’s powerful, it’s full of flavour and it’s easy to grow. So it is no wonder that Satori Mandala Cannabis Seeds are one of the top sellers throughout our entire range. The power of this plant comes from a staggering THC 23-28%. An incredibly high THC level for regular cannabis seeds and why this strain offers great medicinal value and the best grade A hash. The flavour comes from the spicy aroma that has a fruity aftertaste which provides a clear and creative high. It’s also easy to grow because it can thrive in just about any condition. Growing weed indoors or outdoors is just as easy, as the Satori Mandala doesn’t even mind if you get the temperature is bit wrong. It can perform in even really hot environments and stands up military style so that you can fit more plants in. Give these marijuana seeds enough soil and they don’t even need feeding. And the ease at which you can take healthy cuttings is just laughable. In 2007 even High Times Magazine awarded her ‘Strain of the Year’, showing just how watch a catch this is. Everything about this plant screams out for some attention and frankly if you haven’t tried Satori Mandala Cannabis before, then now is definitely the time to start.

  • January 18, 2016 5:20 pm
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