Spirit Haze Zambeza Seeds

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Zambeza Seeds Spirit Haze – Autoflowering Spirit Haze – Autoflowering by Zambeza Seeds, Ever been to any of the famous coffeeshops in Amsterdam? Though each has its own breeds and recommended varieties, one thing is certain – that in one form or another, some sort of haze variety tops its bestsellers list. The refreshing and optimistic high it produces is adored by almost every smoker. Until now, the only problem with the haze family was its long flowering period. Our Spirit Haze solved that difficulty, allowing growers to enjoy the unique haze marijuana faster than ever. Zambeza Seeds feminised Spirit Haze is a result of crossing one of the best haze strains around – the Dutch Amnesia Haze – with another all time classic – Super Skunk – and the natural autoflowering variety of cannabis ruderalis. What was born from this unprecedented breeding, is an autoflowering haze, ready to pick the crop after a mere 10 to 12 weeks. As for an autoflowering strain, Spirit Haze produces a rather large plant, reaching 80 to 100 cm tall. Compared with the classical haze, however, it can be grown in more limited spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Given enough attention and care, it will yield between 50 and 80 g per plant, producing high quality marijuana with average high contents of THC and CBD. Our autoflowering, feminised Spirit Haze is a perfect combination of what is great about Haze, without the usual long flowering period and difficult cultivation. The taste is not what you might expect from the autoflowering variety – a pure haze, almost unrecognizable even for experienced smokers. An ultimate choice for impatient Haze connoisseurs that want it all and want it now.