TGA Subcool Genetics Kaboom

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Seed Finder Network present TGA Subcool Genetics Kaboom Save 5€ when bought with Ripped Bubba in the special TGA Combo Deal Kaboom by TGA Subcool Genetics, Ever since their experiments with Apollo-13 and Jacks Cleaner BX they have wanted to go back to the start and make this hybrid correctly. Not by reversing the sex of one of the female parents but creating a true breeding hybrid to select a male from. With the creation of Vortex they had a new Apollo-13 dominant lines to cross to the F1 Jacks Cleaner mom. The results are a perfect mix of the best traits of both parent strains.Large towering colas dripped in resin almost appear glass coated but carry an additional fruity, semi-rotting smell their Brothers Grimm hybrids are known for. Look for variations that lean towards both parents resulting in a nice mix to choose a mother plant to please your personal likes and dislikes. Good pain relief marijuana strain.

  • January 18, 2016 5:21 pm
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