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This strain does not need much of an introduction as the name says it all. The world famous multiple cup winning AK 47 from Serious Seeds meets the legendary multiple cup winning LA Confidential from DNA Genetics. The AK Confidential or Confidential Ass Kicker has a great taste which can coat your mouth and lips with its flavour and has a sweet aroma which can be hard to put a name on. Some phenotypes have a spicy taste with a hint of sweet lemon whilst others lean more towards hints of hash and Strawberry in aroma and taste. This Indica dominant plant flowers in around 8 weeks and grows in a typical Indica growth pattern with little side branching unless encouraged. With its sweet unique flavours and cup winning parents AK Confidential should bring a smile to any connoisseur smokers face and its heavy Indica effect makes it a great medicinal smoke. Flowering times ? Around 8-9 weeks Indica/Sativa ? Mostly Indica Yield ? Average Genetics – LA Confidential x AK47

  • April 21, 2016 8:28 pm
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