Make Money with Marijuana Seeds Affiliate Programs

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Do you have a website or blog? Are you a social celebrity on Facebook or Twitter? Then you can make money online! It’s Free and you won’t believe how easy it is!

Every wonder how sites like ours make money? Even though there are many people out there that would like to sell you this information its really no secret. People spend hundreds on guides and ebooks that tell you how to “Get paid to smoke Weed” or “Make money while you sleep” when all you need to do is learn about a few of different methods of basic online marketing.  We can tell you how to do this for FREE!


The first method just like any other business that buys or sells a product, advertsing is the most common method for making money.  Just like a billboard or a sign at your local business ad space can be very lucritive steady income. We don’t hide the fact the we sell ad space on our site because we have a screening process that our advertisers must undergo before we will start displaying thier ads. This is a must if you run a website or blog. You don’t want to direct your visitors to a site that will potentially give them bad service or scam them becuase that will only lead to a bad reputation for you. You can see an really simple example of how we sell adspace by clicking the Advertise link at the bottom of every page of this site. Start your own site with this deal:

Blogs and Social Marketing

Blogs are become a very common way for people to make money these days. With the social sites like Twitter and Facebook there to push vistors to them people have been able to harness thier social reach. Using affiliate programs like the ones mentioned below are the best way to turn your social skills into some real money. If you enjoy a product or strain in our our case there is probably a seed bank with a affiliate program that sells it. Some of these programs pay up to 30% commission for simply directing a customer to them. You’re already talking about how much you love or even hate it so why not make some money off of it.

Marijuana Affiliate Programs

While there are all kinds of affiliate programs out there like Amazon’s our focus here is on Medical Marijuana. This is not only because we have a deep personal passion for the plant and the culture that surrounds it, its because medical patients need a directory that can connect them with a trustworthy supplier for there medical needs. The trustworthy supplier is usual happy to give you a commision for doing so and these businesses are usually small, owner operaterator types that we would rather deal with anyways. Besides Amazon and Ebay affiliates are a dime a dozen so remember to try to be original and put your own spin on things.

Not all affiliate programs are created equally. Everyone in the affiliate marketing business knows that some programs payout and some don’t and some seed banks cenvert your clicks into sales better than others. After 6+ years of dealing with various seed banks and breeders we have used all the top seed suppliers on the net and we can tell you from our experience who is the best and who actually pays! Don’t waste your time with others, these seed banks have been paying us for refferals for years now without any issues.

Original Sensible Seeds Company

If you’ve combed our site you’ve probably seen our reviews and ads for Original SSC. These guy have proven themselves to not only be trustworhy to thier customers but to their affiliates as well. With their basic program you can earn 15% on all of there 1800+ marijuana seeds and a whopping 20% on their in house strains, Original Sensible Seeds.

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sensible seeds affiliates

Nirvana Shop

Over 20 Years in business and paying an awesome 25% commission. Nirvana never lets us down!
20 Years In Business - Nirvanashop

Bonza Seed Bank

Regular commissions in GBP. Total cost of purchases aren’t as good as seed banks that sell packaged seeds due to the fact that they only sell single seeds instead of packs which gets expensive for the customer but they offer a wide range of products that are always in stock. Bonza will also do payouts in bitcoin saving time and money.
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We’ll keep it short and simple because we won’t waste your time like these companies will… – Daniel Click has been scamming his publishers for several years now. They do not payout or reply to inquiries about payouts. – Shut down program randomly without notifying affiliate. Lost commissions, no reply’s to emails.