BEST SEED BANK Review Who can you Trust?

With all the seed banks popping up around the world, the business has been somewhat flooded by every type of owner / operator you can imagine. You got everything from your seed selling giants that run in your face ads on everything you read to your unscrupulous little basement ops selling seeds under the guise of legendary strain names. We hope to bring medical patients some clarity and safety to their online seed ordering experience and deliver quality reviews to people like yourself.

RULE #1: Don’t buy anything from Facebook or Instagram…

The Good Seed Banks…

Original Sensible – The Original Seeds Store

Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 1855 ratings

A long time trusted source for the best genetics on the market. Formally know as Original Sensible Seed Company, they were first established in South Wales in 1992. Now they trade out of Spain were their in-house strains are cultivated “Original Sensible Seeds.” Experience and top notch customer service makes this a seed bank you can trust.

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Crop King Seeds

Crop King has been a proud sponsor of Chief Greenbud for several years and has proven themselves to be on of the best seed suppliers from Canada since Marc Emery. They have several very tasty strains and always come deliver on time. If you have any trouble their customer service is on point and can help you out with almost anything! Give them a try and tell them Chief sent you!
Crop King Marijuana Seeds


The Bad & The Ugly Seed Banks

WARNING! We must strongly urge our users to stay away from these websites. We don’t want to see our users go through the problems that we have seen and heard about so many times. The sites on this list are the worst of the worst. They are either scams or just bad people that do bad business. This is why we do not link to their sites in any way. Have you been scammed by a Seed Bank? Tell us about it! We’ll put them on blast so others won’t get ripped off. 

This site has been reported to us through our users. They have the tendency to take payment and not send product to customers. After reviewing their site and finding many issues we’ve added them to the list. You’ve been warned.

MagicMailOrder (Shut Down!)

This site has been reported as a scam (among other things) several times. It’s been reported that they taken money and not delivered anything. Your first sign that something is wrong, is when you visit this site, the first thing they ask for is you name, address, and other private information. This is a bad business practice and any business that is trying to sell you something isn’t going to leave you with no option to view their products. On top of all this the WhoIs info is shady too… It says the site is registered by a company called BlueHost. This is their host, Blue host has nothing to do with this site or the other two listed on the same IP address. Related Domains: , , , Domain Name: KUSHPUFFS.COM Domain servers in listed order: NS1.SUSPENDED-FOR.SPAM-AND-ABUSE.COM NS2.SUSPENDED-FOR.SPAM-AND-ABUSE.COM Domain Name:KUSHDISPENSARIES.COM Registrar: Luke Costa – Canada RC Enterprise 50 Hamlyn Rd Unit 149 St john’s, NL A1E 5X7 Canada

Have you been scammed by a Seed Bank? Tell us about it! We’ll put them on blast so others won’t get ripped off.

Riot Seeds

Riot Seeds has been pulled from The Attitude seed bank among others due to the large number of complaints dealing with poor quality and very low germination rates. Breeder, Mathew Riot has very poor customer service reviews as well. He also has an ongoing battle dealing with rumours of stolen genetics and blatantly stealing other breeders photos and using them as his own. When we set out to evaluate this site we wanted to do so in a fair manor and give Mathew Riot the benefit of the doubt. After hours of searching and reading we were only able to find one person who had anything good to say about Riot Seeds, even after Mathew sent out a message offering free seeds to anyone that writes good reviews about his company anywhere on the web. Most people on the forum believe that this one person was only Mathew himself trying to combat the negativity. The first thing we noticed on the store homepage is “WE ONLY ACCEPT CASH/MONEY ORDERS AT THE MOMENT!” Above this:

“Home of the strain Clockwork Orange, our finest and most infamous strain, bred by Matthew Riot, himself – See High Times, August Issue for Clockwork Orange in the THMQ at $550 an Oz in CA Medical Clubs!”

Having a strain mentioned in the TransHigh Market Quotation IS NOT a claim to fame. For people who may not subscribe to High Times, the THMQ in the middle tells you all about the prices on different strains across the country. They get these prices by user submission. You can simply email the address listed and type “Clockwork Orange $550 an Oz in CA Medical Clubs” in the message and it will be catalogued along with all the others. If it has a good name or area they’ve seen more than once then it will make the cut and be published in High Times. This DOES NOT mean that Danny Danko did a feature on on his “Clockwork Orange Strain.” In our evaluation we found this to be misleading. Final thought… At least act like ya been there before!

Have you been scammed by a Seed Bank? Tell us about it! We’ll put them on blast so others won’t get ripped off.

High Supplies Scam IP: E-Mail: Registrant Organization: CINIPAC IBC Registrant Address1: Level 14, Perak Techno Trade Registrant Address2: Bandar Meru Raya, Off Jalan Registrant City: Ipoh Registrant State/Province: Perak Darul Ridzuan Registrant Postal Code: 30020 Registrant Country: Malaysia Registrant Country Code: MY Registrant Phone Number: +1.2024701095

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