What are AutoFlowering Seeds?

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Seed to Weed in 60 days!

There are 3 main types of cannabis, Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. Sativa and Indica are the most common types seen across the world but in the past 10 years we have see an increase of these types of cannabis being crossbred with the ruderalis type for its autoflowering trait to be passed on. In the past ruderalis genetics were only cultivated as hemp for industrial purposes because it had relatively no THC content and it could grow extremely tall, quickly allowing it to be harvested  up to 3 times in a normal growing season.© 2012
La Diva AutoAn autoflowering plant is a plant that’s not dependent on the photo period (12 hours on, 12 off ) light cycle to induce flowering. By breeding the high THC indica’s and sativa’s with the ruderalis plant breeders were able to harnessed the plants ability to flower under almost any light cycle. Some breeders say that their auto’s can even be finished under a 12 hour light cycle, this may be true but you probably won’t see the production you would on an 18 or 16 hour cycle. Most auto’s finish up nicely under 18 hours which is the least amount suggested by most of the auto breeders while other auto strains like Easy Ryder(Lowrider) and La Diva (Delicious Seeds) is suggested to get at least 20 hours of constant light. In the right conditions this strain has boasted an impressive 3 – 4 oz per plant with a total grow time of 60 days. That’s right, seed to weed in 60 days. Not all auto’s are this quick but they will still give you very impressive results, most maturing 70-75 days from germination.

Auto-flowering Grow Tips

Can auto-flowering plants be cloned?

Auto’s Can Not be cloned. Autoflowering plants are genetically programmed to start flowering at 2 – 3 weeks. If you clone an auto you will be cloning a plant that’s life cycle has already begun and since its a clone it will be in the same phase of life that the mother plant is in. This means, if your mother plant is 4 weeks old then your clone will think that its 4 weeks old also and begin flowering at its genetically predetermined time. Needless to say, a plant that get absolutely no veg time to set roots will not make it through the flowering cycle.© 2012

Should I top autoflowering plants?

Super_Critical_AutofloweringAutoflowering plants should not be topped or use in a SOG grow. Topping or FIMing will only hinder the growth of this type of  cannabis due to its life cycle and flowering time, this means Sea-of-Green methods are out of the question because the grower won’t have enough vegatative time to train the plant. If the plant is topped it will devote its resources to healing the itself when it should be pushing out its first flowers. This is the same reason its suggested to top photo-period plants at least 4 days to a week before flowering under 12/12. Autoflowering plants are going to show much better production if they are left alone to flower. Most will produced a Christmas tree or cactus shape with larger top colas and won’t grow over 48 inches.

You light coverage is very important will this type of cannabis. Because the plants stay small, some reaching no more than a foot in height, you can really optimize your lighting. Where you would normally squeeze 4 plants you can easily fit 6 or even 8 if your plants stay small. This is hard to judge because of the stability of the seeds that are be sold. Genetics have become much more stable since Lowryder #1 and the like, but your still taking a chance on height for sure. Some dwarf strains aren’t supposed to grow over 24 inches, according to the breeders, but growers have seen up to 36. Shouldn’t complain to much because the yield was more than appropriate for the size but for growers that are in stealth mode or just in small places this may be a problem. There are many pros and cons to this but the main thing to remember is to focus as much light on the top colas as possible because these plants can often have a foliage to fool you into thinking your going to have quite a harvest but you’ll end up looking at a lot of leaf.

greenomaticLike with all strains you should take the time to get to know your plants and how they will react to your individual growing techniques. All strains are going to act different depending on how you treat them, but if you give them the attention and care they deserve they will treat you good in return. Auto’s are no different in that sense. Whether your an expert looking to try something new, or your just starting out and want something quick and easy, Auto’s are a great way to get the experience you need.

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Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. Marijuana remains illegal under federal law even though many states say otherwise. It is intended for people who have a valid medical marijuana card in a state where medical marijuana is legal.

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